Touch Chesi Choodu Telugu Movie Review

Touch Chesil Choodo:
He has two well entrenched personalities. One is that of a light hearted naïve person who means no wrong and knows no niceties. The other is that of a tough nut who can ruthlessly beat murder and kill. With every new Ravi Teja film it is the detailing that alters and varies. Hermeneutic variations define the new outing weaved inextricably within the image of the no nonsense do gooder.
A transmogrified protagonist from the family loving docile businessman to the angry vengeful police officer is how Touch moves. The predictably long narrative (Tollywood believes that it is mandatory to make a film for over 140 minutes!) starts out like a local Hum Aapke Hai Kaun and as if the mentor is a Sooraj Bharjatiya. Family bonding between Dad (Jai Prakash) a grandma (Annapoorna) siblings and sidekick (Satyam Rajesh) meanders to talk about how the hero believes that “family is central” and everything one does must revolve round the family. To please his Dad he also goes out of the way to flirt and get into a relationship with Pushpa (Raasi Khanna)
The preface starts with the goons force the Commissioner of Police (Murali Sharma) peddle drugs and establishing that the city has the goons well and truly in command of things. Reels slip by with songs and dances, saccharine relationships and radiating concern. However this cool family narrative and the baddies headed by new Baddie Irfan (Freddy Daruwala) and his politically connected and ambitious Dad (Shaahbaaz Khan) are to meet up for the clash.
However a good Telugu film hero is not one until the posters suggest at least two heroines vying for his attention. So just as one romantic interlude is exhausted, the other with Sandhya (Seerat Kapoor) picks up. However even as the clash is on and the romance interlaced, we are witness to the metamorphosis of the family loving businessman into a tough nut police officer Karthick (Ravi Teja) who is daring and different (oh! How predictable!). Where every other officer fails when the Khaki gets derailed, here is the man of substance who in his anarchical style gets the goons crumbling like a pack of cards and sets the law and order in motion.
True to his reputation, yet again our police officer is one who believes that he is above the law. This whole genre of cinema that once you are on the right side of law you can do anything to ensure that good wins over evil is a theory that is fast gaining social acceptance. Worrisome but who cares!! Not Vikram Sirikonda (Director) who in fact revels with the theory and builds his entire premise on the power of a honest cop who has muscle and integrity as the pass word to pulp up people. You would think that the audience would scream for a break. Instead they are happy noisily consuming huge quantities of corn and killer foods and lawlessness as a part of life and entertainment. God Help!!
The entire film depends on Ravi Teja who is himself – with the signature take it and leave it attitude. So is it now. Nothing new. Worryingly repetitive.
L. Ravichander

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