Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya Review


Film Promos by definition raise expectation levels. Invariably the end product falls short, well short of the promise and a disappointed audience grumbles its way out. But every once in a while you run into a film with minimal expectations and are surprised that the film maker has it in him. Director Mandeep Kumar springs one such pleasant, if energetic surprise at the audience. The film has the Punjabi jest for life and offers very sincerely a rehash of what you have seen ever so many times. Only this time it is hilarious, energetic and the humour quotient makes up for lack of originality in the tale.
Mini (Genelia) has just been rejecting suitors to the irritation of dad (Tinnu Anand). She has a Green card and thus is seen as a passport to Canada by local lads who cannot even say Canada and would ensure it rhymes with Batinda. Mini is adventurous and finds the guys too boring. They are any way. Viren (Ritesh) is an auto driver who dreams of running a tourist taxi facility. He arrives at Mini’s engagement function and demands return of money due to him from Dad. Mini jumps at the opportunity and stage manages a kidnap. Clueless Viren shell shocked by the turn of event now follows her. The chase is on and the family is behind the seeming eloping couple. Time for fun, some light moments, slap stick comedy and great energy. Also the camera lingers on picturesque Harayana. Viren realises that it is Mini who is on the run and all that he has to do is perform as per her dictates. Any which way, he is not the kind who is into this level of adventure and is clueless of what to do. Fortunately they find a bungalow, designer and all, unoccupied for about six months and thus have it for use. Now a ransom is sought. Papa is obviously not willing to just part with it but time comes along the script when he has to and lands at the appointed place. His supporters, mess it up and soon we have a new entrant who kidnaps Viren and Mini. The twosome are now under the seize of the local kidnapper (Om Puri) whose wife (Smita Jayakar) is in charge of hospitality. The tale takes a few turns. For a while it threatens to follow the soppy Karan Johar variety, but thankfully and quickly it goes back to the Imitiaz Ali space. Even the protagonist Mini has the energy of a Simran (DDLJ) or a Jeet (JWM).
Star couples often fail to convert their real life romance on screen. Not new. Rare examples like Dharam Hema are more the exception. The rule: Amit Jaya, Abhishek-Aishwarya. This couple have a great chemistry. The tandem lies in the difference. One energetic and bordering on going over board, the other sedate and under played. Ritesh delivers the hesitant quiet soft guy role with style. Genelia does the brat in search of adventure with great zeal- albeit threatening at times to go over board. Together they deliver with style. Watch the film for the combo and for some light hearted, unpretentious entertainment. Nothing new. Yet fresh.


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