Sidhartha Telugu Movie Review

The no nonsense script and the all nonsense tale starts with its bouts of violence. Up mid-air a Singapore Airlines flight is Saagar (Sagar) with some half and quarter brothers in tow and a scratchy co passenger in Sahasra (Ragini) who among things suffers from acrophobia. Saagar from Seema is in for a name and role change and thus on landing in Singapore becomes Sidharth with a mind change (a la Ashoka at Kalinga). Our Sidharth also seems to carry a weak heart through the plane journey and you get the feel that he may not last the journey and there could be an emergency landing anytime. Actually he hoodwinked the security frisking with a bullet injury. For baggage he has memories of family feuds back home – some blurred, some clear, some black and white and some coloured in dust and blood thus introducing us to the warring lords and their sons. The Lords in a bloody war of sorts have stabbed killed members from the groups and have left hate and revenge for gen next to take forward. So we have Vikram (Ajay) representing Bad feud and Saagar representing Good feud. Playing Mary’s little lamb cum care takers in Singapore we have a few including Banerjeee who can produce false IDs that could make him an ideal candidate for a terrorist group. Soon Morose Sid and Scratchy Sahasra are romancing in Singapore without going through the due diligence clause.
One ill triggered shot at Kuala Lampur at Sidharth lets the cats among the pigeons and we witness the reversal of the Kalinga syndrome and our patient Sidharth returns to his hitherto avatar of gun shots and fireworks, muscle and braw.
Back home foster Mom (Sana) and feudal lord (Kota) play Kissinger gone wrong and plan a wedding between Saagar and Apsara (Sakshi Chowdary) sibling of warring bro Vikram to ensure that the families are engaged in wedlock and the war is over.
Now we have the humour track with Satyam Rajesh and Tagubothu Ramesh stepping in as event managers for the wedding and as part of the group we have none other than Sahasra who is blissfully unaware that she is working out the details for Saagar’s wedding. Now we have on hand a love triangle that is threatening to become a love quadrangle with Vikram throwing lecherous glances at Sahasra
The Sing – a -Singapore romance suddenly turns into Muscle Seema dust and blood that you have seen as often as day light and kick yourself for defying the heavy down pour to the theatres to watch this abysmal unimaginative predictable yawn filled uninspiring film. You also realise that the destination (movie) is worse than the arduous journey through the monsoon ravaged roads of the city. With a flimsy tale and farcical treatment this is another of those Tollywood outings so bereft of sense, talent sensitivity pointing to either the desperation in the viewership or the commitment to the calling, or rank optimism over common sense and long experience and repeated warnings.
Search for value adds in the film and you may zero on the performances of lead star Saagar and Ajay. The rest is pathethic.

+ Saagar and Ajay
_ the entire film

Rating: 1.5 star L. Ravichander.

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