Pati Patni Aur Woh (New) Hindi Movie Review

            You rarely sit through the second edition of a view or stance and even enjoy it a tad more than the earlier one. Full credit at the outset therefore to Muddasar Aziz. He toys with the BR Chopra comedy and is not concerned overtly with the title and concentrates on coming up with a genuine comedy. There is a whole ‘town cinema’ evolving out there. Much of the talent with a MSD syndrome have managed to wear the town boy avatar on their sleeve with success. Aayushman Khurana, Rajkumar Rao, et al have ensured a fine clear space.  Even Salman and Hrithik have walked the path.  Our cinema is evolving or at least changing

            The story happens in Kanupur where we catch up with Abhina Tyagi alias Chintu (Kartik Aryan) who is the goody goody guy, living out the dreams of his parents (Navni Parihar and KK Raina). He graduates in Engineering and now has a government job. The next milestone is getting married to the girl the family approves. He thus marries Vedika (Bhumi Pednekar) who is far from the kind he is. She confessedly is moving from mode rebellion to restriction. She announces that he could give marriage a try if virginity is not an issue with him. The marriage enters the mundane zone soon and the still waters of all seeming fine is waiting to burst out. He runs into Tapasya (Ananya Pandey) and he begins to flirt with her notwithstanding warnings from close friend Fahim Rizvi (Aparshakti Khurana). The film deals with the little lies and how they build up to a climax when everything he cherishes comes crashing down.

            The film is watchable for a variety of reasons. The first is it keeps to the twin golden rules of a comedy: he keeps it short, keeps it simple. He also stays away from too many double meaning dialogues and ensures that you just laugh and forget in a moment what is said or done. Full credit to the film maker for the sense of proportion. The other major reason the film is recommended is the cast. The likes of Rajesh Sharma have very little but still ensure they are noticed. Participating in the love triangle are Annanya Pandy very pleasant and studied, Bhumi ever reliable and strong and with a huge image change as the bungling nervous lover is the lover boy Kartik Aryan. The guy has a good sense of timing.  One cannot but remember Amol Palekar (specially Rang Birangi). Then there is a superb performance from Aparshakti Khurana who makes for a compelling viewing, as the surname suggests.

            Nice pleasant outing Worth a spend.

L. Ravichander.

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