Mask Telugu Movie Review

The latest avtar of Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Iron man Krish – Mask Man is out at the theatres. Since his origin is at the desk and imagination of Director Mysskin (yes the spell is right!) who is also credited (?) with the story and screenplay, you are sitting to watch an incredibly preposterous tale of a guy who is truly super human and all because he is trained in Kung Fu. It is yet another Friday that brings to the Indian audience mayhem at its exaggerated high and violence in a new stylised package.
The tale: Our Avtaar Purush alias Super Man (Jeeva) is an unemployed guy picking up quarrels on the street to the anger of his dad. He is also training in Kung fu. On the parallel track we have this gang of masked men who run an army and go about sneaking into various part of the country executing jewellery heists with ease. Out of shape ACP (Nasser) is brought in to stall it. There must a love angle to get the young hero to do the film so you have this Outer Orbit Electron (debutant Pooja Hegde). Our Outer Orbit Electron is always over energised and is mode: attack. She unwittingly has Superman arrested for a street brawl. This accounts for the first encounter between Aged ACP and Superman. Disturbing the blooming love tale is the track dealing with the heists carried out with needless killings and depicting the law enforcing agency in poor light (well earned, some may add).
Before long the Superman is forced to become Maskman. He goes out with balloons and lands up with guns. The sublimation is theatrical and very unconvincing. It borders on being amateur. A hazy script and a crazy film is the end product.
The fight is on. At half time you have Aged Police shot at, mask man with gun in hand and Outer Orbit Electron misunderstanding the scenario. Pigeon headed people fill our scripts and so it is not surprising. In fact it is perfectly in tune with the filmmakers assessment of the IQ of the audience. By now we are shifting and shuffling, we have run short of patience and are hoping against hope that some thing happens and this when all along the speed of the activity is high on.
Now you have Bad Guy (Narein) out in the open. Suave, he too has had his training in Kung fu and can thus meet Maskman on his own playing field. We have fights after fights between various guys. Part choreographed the stunts are the main stay of the film and you have to yawn your way through the Director’s idea of entertainment. He has got it all wrong. Marketed as a stunner from Jeeva and a bi lingual to boot, that is exactly what it deserves.
Even the cast functions in the defined space of clichés and predictability. Formulistic to the core, you seek a whiff of fresh air from this predictable yawn. Style is no substitute for substance, marketing no replacement for product. This is hard to understand and till then the end products will continue to plague the clueless and gullible viewer. Hope over common sense.

L. Ravichander.

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