Marjaavaan Hindi Movie Review

         Mr Orphan meets Mr Midget. It is about Waris Vs Lawaris. The entire tale is so clearly predictable that even as you settle down you begin to yawn. Not all the caffeine can keep you engaged in this trite tale of clichés and dialogues so tired in their telling and boring in narrative. The elder villain encourages the young ones to fight their way as you watch shell shocked of how perverse we can get. Alongside this is the sad picture of a cinema hall of youngsters lapping up such putrefied tale of vengeance and applauding when the stated stance of good gets the better of the fashioned villain. Lest you believe that such characters are rare and even embarrassed only if they exist in film scripts, the narrative strains to dispel such thought even as you have completely given up on your thinking faculties.

            Angry Dhoti (Nassar) is the local Lord who has the favour of the poor and the disapproval of Police Bihar Quote (Ravi Kishan). His heir in crime is Mr. Morose (Sidharth Malhotra) who many decades ago was deserted by his visionary parents. Unfortunately for Midget Villain (Ritesh Deshmukh) papa Angry Dhoti adopts him as the Vendetta Heir. Morose also has Avtar Zohrabai – Rekha in Muqadar ka Sikander who is busy throwing heavy voltage soppy love dialogues New Age Zohra (Rakul Preet Singh) is running some kind of a sex centre and has exclusive time for Morose. Vying for romantic space in Morose’s life and heart is Ms Silence (Tara Sutaria). The script has this motley collection. However, it only concentrates on Morose brawl and dumb matching looks with Silence as Midget goes overboard with his ideas of vendetta.

            Morose is dedicated to Angry Dhoti and in love with Silence. Loyalties come up for challenge when Angry Dhoti sides blood for dedication. One great philosophical message is tweaked in: The most dangerous thing in the world is not the bullet but the mind. Its unstated corollary is that even more dangerous than the mind is the lack of it and the opportunity to use money under the guise of artistic creation.

            After about an hour of meandering and bull Angry Dhoti at the instance calls upon a cornered Morose to chose between the life and safety of you old and beautiful on the one hand the life of Lady Love Silence he shoots Silence and walks into jail only to be acquitted at the instance of the brilliance of Midget Villain. Apart from the monsoon it is raining blood. Catch up if weird.

            The cast and not without cause has completely lost interest in it all. The audience is in august company. For such consolation take on this Milap Zaveri presentation. Ask your self why either before or after but surely you would have to ask.

L. Ravichander.  

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