Khaandani Shafakhana Hindi Movie Review

In the course of the narrative, the judge (Rajesh Sharma – a rare bright spot in the film) asks: “thode outdated nahi ho gaye?”. If only Shilpa Das Gupta had addressed this question, one would well have been saved of the trouble of watching a film addressing the question as to whether sex education is necessary. Trite to a fault, and as old as the hills, the short well intentioned Shilpi Das Gupta entry-point is faulted and foul. The scarce footfalls almost seem to reflect a hitherto hidden maturity of the ciniest. The cast does little help the aching script and the shoddy narrative. Production values hope you look elsewhere. 

Babita Bedi (Sonakshi Sinha) inherits the property of Mamaji (Kulbhushan Kharbanda). As a medical representative in Hoshiyarpur, a cuddled town in Punjab, baby Bedi attracts disapproval even as Scooty driving medical rep. the inheritance from the outlawed uncle who was willing to talk sex and dispense Unani aphrodisiacs to the locals. However, here sex is more than a three-letter word. Actually, it is a four-letter word. The precondition to the testamentary inheritance is a mandatory run of the clinic for six months. Apart from a useless brother Bhushit (Varun Sharma – comedian in demand), she has Old Mom (Nadira Babbar) to take care of. Chachaji (Rajeev Gupta) eyes her property. As a local medical rep, she obviously is not making enough. There is both societal refusal and active murmur against her running the ‘sex clinic’. Even the Unani Medical College which earlier issued marching orders to Mamaji are too old fashioned to permit the enterprising young Babita. The only person willing to see it all logically is Lemon Hero (Priyanshu Zora). If you haven’t put off this column and are still reading even as I praise your curiosity and patience, it must be stated clearly now that what happens thereafter is even more ridiculous than what this far. Honestly, give it up.

Territorial occupation of subject of this kind found acceptance when Ayushman Khurana came up with Vickey Donor and Shubh Mangal Savdhan. Unfortunately, this film is a poor trespass in the that area. With nothing to recommend save popcorn at the counters, you feel tired and exhausted and tempted to ask yourself whether you need some medical attention. Skip is writ large over the script. Defy the advice at your own risk.

Sonakshi in a role that could have got her back into the reckoning of box office numbers, fumbles and flutters with an achingly loud seeming Punjabi accent. Competing hard to get onto your nerves is Anu Kapoor as the local lawyer. Sonakshi, who’s our local Unani Madam Curie, working on her prestige and her Prestige Cooker falls without a whistle. This is a drug sample with a statutory warning – Risk it if adventurous enough. 

If nothing, the film seems to suggest: better than sex education.

L. Ravichander

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