Jolly LLB 2 Hindi Movie Review

Saurabh Shukla is cracking. There isn’t one false moment from the new Jolly and above all this Potshot at the Legal System comes just in time. The producer must be relieved man seeing the film make it to the theatres. Now it is for the audience to respond. After the false short at the Aurangabad High Court, filmmaker was quick to ensure that the larger cause does not get lost in the dust and din of litigation. The prelude (real) to the film (reel) is perhaps a part that the film maker (Subhash Kapoor) wants to say. Thematically he stands absolved. He lacks a tongue in cheek look at the Jusrisprudential caravanserai. The franchise takes yet another look at how the system, is crumbling. How it is fighting a desperate battle for infrastructure and men. How the elite can brow beat or at least attempt to, How the Judicial wing is the last hope spot and correction stop.
Into the Script (Subhash Kapoor) we have a frustrated lawyer Jagdishwar Mishra (AK) who fights hard to erase the fact that he is after all the son of an advocates clerk and cannot outgrow the professional hierarchy. He cheats a Justice claiming victim (Sayani Gupta). Dumped by his venerated Senior and principled dad, He has a liquor loving wife (Huma Qureshi) and Birbal (Rajiv Gupta) who are willing to stand by him. Things get even more difficult when Hina commits suicide. Now Jagdish alias Jolly gets serious and begins to investigate as to how Hina’s Husband is a victim of a stage-managed Police encounter at the hands of the Police officer Suryaveer Singh (Innanuallah). Jolly now appears in the court of Judge Sunderlal Tripathi (Saurabh Shukla) in a PIL requiring a full-fledged inquiry into the false encounter. The rest is the court room dram. The drama, is the genre. It is not larger than life hike. BR Chopra (Kanoon, Waqt, Humraaz, Insaf ka Tarazu) not dark like Nihlani (Akrosh) but one that takes the light-hearted route to tell story. Typically, Bollywood in that it has the multi-talented hero who can do the impossible and the screenplay will extend till he reaches his focused goal post. No marks therefore for guessing how the narration will pan out.
The film sticks to its story and moves needlessly out into irrelevance but rarely. If that too were avoided (like Holi scene) the film would surely by crisper and more engrossing. The real look that the court hall has, cramped for space, devoid of even physical dignity, if not grandeur tells a story with great amazing clarity. Subash is in complete control. Yet the film belongs indisputably to the awesome presence and performance of Saurabh and Akshay. They are high octave performers giving you some of the finest moments of cinema. They add pep and credibility to the high decibel and exaggerated take on the system
At one level the film is a reminder of what Yasmina Khadra laments in another context: where scruples, piety, and charity count for nothing.? Where values are exclusively financial? Where the rich become tyrants and the wage earners slaves? Where business takes the place of, family, isolates the individual, subjugates him, then dismisses him without further ado!”
To those out there who are willing to take a serious look at our institutions light heartedly Jolly 2 is a jolly outing.

Rating: 3 Stars
+ Akshay and Saurabh.
– Exaggerated punch.

L. Ravichander.

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