Courier Boy Kalyan Telugu Movie Review

Lone star Nitin makes a frantic effort to keep things going. He ends up being the tragic yet heroic character of Casabianca: the boy stood on the bringing deck. The 104 crime thriller is filled with cardboard characters who are painted black or white to deliver stances and work tediously towards a climax that simply fails to take off. The film starts off with glass splinters all over the place plod oozing and the perennial chase. Tired of such tales you lie back into the comfort of your chair to wake up to some well choreographed songs, some blood spill all over and walk out tired after the cliché filled script lets go of you in less than two hours. For this you are thankful to the filmmaker and are hopeful that the trend is beginning. It happens a week after Teja went to town talking how length does not matter. Here it is a virtue, albeit nearly the only.
After the blood splashing welcome, we are taken back by a few months when Kalyan (Nitin) is with friend (Satyam Rajesh), brother in law (Harsha) and sister (Surekha Vani). The guy refuses to take up any job and surely finds the errands a courier boy has to run to be demeaning. However, a chanced encounter lands him in a situation where he delivers a packet to Kavya (Yami Gautam) and since then decides that it is the best job that gives him an alibi to meet his lady love. Parallel is the story of Bad guy and Senior Doctor (Ashutosh Rana) who is part of a global racket that chooses expectant mothers in the first trimester to do some kind of research on foetal stem cells. They drug victims and then carry out the research sureptiously. There is also a social worker Satyamurthy (Nassar) who is busy addressing the people at road side gatherings on how the system should be corrected.
The bluff is called when an employee Manikyam (Sivanarayan Narripede) at the local hospital accidentally comes to know of the racket and decides to play the whistle blower. Hell knoweth no fury than a villain exposed, so Big Bad Doc with side-kick Doc (Ravi Prakash) decide to do away with all and sundry who know about the brewing research. Manikyam puts all the records in a cover and decides to courier it to Satyamurthy. Stalking the packet are the goons employed who run amuck in the city to ensure that the packet does not reach its target. Blissfully unaware of what he is carrying Kalyan who has a date with Kavya is on the wrong track with the right muscle. So as mayhem rules the road and the script, we head towards a tepid finale that is symbolic of the film, its script, urgency, commitment etc.
Yami Gautam as the sales girl at the Khadi bhandar does not even spend time to ensure her costumes go with the character. This is to state the first of her multiple short comings. Her spirit must be envied and encouraged. Surely she will see the film and take some far reaching decisions. We have actors like late Telangana Shakuntala (pointing to how much the film is dated!) and Saptagiri making cameo appearances and trying hard to tickle.
The film surely belongs to Nitin. One gets the feel that he signed the film before Gundajari, unless he is on a suicidal path. He does his best. He is his usual sincere energetic self-carrying all the ingredients required of a mainstream hero. The script asks for more. Unfortunately, the courier boy delivers but the package is not worth receiving.
Rating: 2 stars.
+ Nitin and length of the film.
– Lacking in conviction.
L. Ravichander.

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